Here are some pictures from Miss Gay America 2004

Backstage before the opening of Miss Gay America 2004 Final Night

With Catia Lee Love and Dominique Sanchez

With Valerie Lohr, Sabrina White, Catia, Tiffany Bonet, Patti La Plae Safe and Maya Montana in front

With Valerie backstage

Ready to get on stage for a number

With Tiffany and Valerie backstage

With Jimmy backstage

Hanging with Tiffany backstage

With Sabrina, Tiffany and Linda Carerro

All the formers on stage with Rachael Erikks - Miss Gay America 2004

Ready to leave for the Saturday night Miss America Review show

With Catia, Sabrina, Tiffany, Linda and Valerie

With John Bebe, Dominique Sanchez, Enrique Pérez - Mr Gay All-American 2003 and Catia

Tiffany and Valerie fighting over a drink

Catia and I giving it to Sabrina

Sabrina and I in a private moment - DO YOU MIND????

Hanging with Dominique backstage

The Three Stooges at the Welcome to Little Rock show - Tiffany, Valerie and myself

With Dominique and Jimmy backstage

With Valerie backstage

Still hanging out with Valerie

Dominique and I sharing a quiet moment...

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