Life After Miss Gay America 2006, a new beginning... Part two

At Woody's for Showtunes

Kwan dancing behind the bar at Woody's

Joal behind the bar at Woody's

Cheer Dallas at the Dallas Pride Parade 2006

Hot bartenders at Woody's

Jimmy at Dallas Gay Pride with some random hot guy

Nicole DuBois - Miss Gay America 2006, Victoria Weston - Miss Southern Elegance 2006, Jimmy and Samantha West - First Alternate to Miss Southern Elegance 2006

Brittney O'Bryan, Andora Te'Tee, Alina Malletti - Miss Southern Elegance 2005, Victoria Weston, Nicole, Samantha, Claudia Foster, Aspen Tyler - Second Alternate to Miss Southern Elegance 2006 and Truly Fabu

Victoria being crowned by Alina, Truly and Nicole

The contestants at crowning - Erykah White, Samantha West, Victoria Weston, Aspen Tyler and Tiffany King

With Valerie Lohr - Miss Gay America 1991

Erykah White during Talent

Samantha West during Talent

Victoria Weston during Talent

Aspen Tyler during Talent

Tiffany King during Talent

Erykah White during Evening Gown

Samantha West during Evening Gown

Victoria Weston during Evening Gown

Aspen Tyler during Evening Gown

Tiffany King during Evening Gown

During my number, Dear Mr. President

Backstage with my whores Maya Douglas and Krystal Summers

Backstage with Brittney O'Bryan

Nicole DuBois backstage

With Truly Fabu, Alina Malletti and Claudia Foster during the opening of Miss Southern Elegance 2006

Backstage with Samantha, Tiffany, Claudia, Truly, Alina and Victoria

The contestants backstage with Alina - Victoria, Aspen, Alina, Samantha, Tiffany and Erykah (kneeling)

With Chanel LaMasters Winner Miss Gay Fort Worth with Ashley Rhone and Cherry Monroe in the background

With Layla LaRue Miss Gay Texas before crowning

With Jimmy backstage during Miss Gay Fort Worth

Giving Mr. President the What For!

With Tiffany King, and her hat!

With Layla Larue before the contest started

After being crowned Miss Big & Beautiful USofA @ Large 2006 with (clockwise from left) Cassandra Paige Jones - First Alternate, Myself, Raven St. James - Miss USofA @ Large 2005, Alyssa Edwards - Miss USofA 2006, Celeste Martinez and Vanessa Raye

The Final Pose of my Opera Talent

During the dance break of The Opera Talent

Backstage in Evening Gown

Getting ready for gown

Comparative judging with all of the contestants

Modeling Gown

Modeling Gown

With Jimmy before the contest started

Backstage with Claudia Foster

Backstage with Aspen Tyler

With all of the contestants before the opening number (from left) Mattie Madison, Jenie Summers, Myself and Cassandra Paige Jones

Trailer Trash Night at Boom in Oklahoma City with bar owner Kitty Bob Aimes

Ginger Lamar, live singer, myself and Kitty Bob

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