Miss Gay America 2005

With Dominique, Brandi, Maya, Raquel, Rachael and Patti

With Rachael and Dominique

With Alyssa and Valerie

With Kelexis, Maya and Brandi

Charity Case

With Valerie, Patti and Victoria

With Aaron

With Catia

With Brandi, Coti and Brittney

With Shawn and Brandi

With Dave Morgan

With Dominique and Spencer

Jimmy and Antonio

With Jimmy

With Maya and Patti

With Jason White

With Kirk Ryder

With Maya Rachael and Catia

With Jimmy

With Shawn and Dominique

With Rachael and Dominique

With Maya

With Jimmy

With Dominique, Patti, Catia and Rachael

With Catia and Patti

With Maya, Catia and Dominique

With Synphony Alexander, Dominique DeLorean, Tyra Devore, Pure Chocolate, Stephanie Michaels and Victoria Weston

With Dominique

With Patti and Nicole

With Rachael

With Catia

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