Life After Miss Gay America - 2003

Backstage moment with some of the contestants at Miss Gay Virginia Regional

Backstage before crowning with Jessica, me, Christina Kelly, Diondra Dee and Brittney O'Bryan

Continuing our world tour

With Miss Gay Virginia Regional 1st Alternate - Lucious

After crowning Miss Gay Virginia Regional with Jessica Jade and Dominique Sanchez

Backstage at Labels Night Club in St. Joseph, MO

Me, Dominique and China

Crowning moment at Miss Heart of America with (from left) China Collins, Dominique Sanchez, Winner - Rachael Erikks, 1st Alternate - Alina Maletti and me

At Our Fantasy in Wichita, KS with old friends

With Jimmy backstage

With Tish DeWilliams

With Melinda and Loreal backstage

Crowning at Miss Gay Dallas 2003 with Ashley Cole and winner, Gizelle Bevon Ashton

With Cassie Nova and Valerie Lohr

With other former Miss Gay Dallas', Cati Collins, Victoria West and Aspen Tyler

After crowning of Miss Southern Elegance 2003 with Truly Fabu - Miss Southern Elegance 2002/2003

Crowning moment at Miss Southern Elgance with Lauren LaMasters, Nicole DuBois, myself, MGA 2003 - Dominique Sanchez, Vicki Valentine - MSE 2003 1st Alternate, Jessica Daniels - Miss Southern Elegance 2003, Beverly Hills and Truly Fabu

With Lauren LaMasters backstage at MSE 2003

With Nicole DuBois backstage at MSE 2003 - when did I have time to work??????

Before the opening with Nicole - where is that DAMN cocktail waiter?

With Jimmy backstage at MSE 2003

Before the opening with Truly and the contestants - Brittney O'Bryan, Jessica Daniels, myself, Truly, Vicki Valentine and Rachael Erikks

Backstage with all the former Miss Southern Elegances - Laken Edwards, Truly, Lauren, myself, Nicole, Raquel Chevallier and Miss Gay Houston and founder of Miss Southern Elgance Beverly Hills

Working the strip with former Miss Southern Elegances and MGA 2003 - Dominique Sanchez

Backstage at The Village Station with Tommie Ross and Valerie Lohr

At The Village Station with Stasha, Kelexis and Tommie

At Miss Gay America retreat with Jimmy, Jim (Angela Dodd), myself, James (Mr. Dodd), Tiffany, Valerie and Linda

Backstage with former MGAs Linda, Catia, Tiffany, myself, Sabrina, Maya and Valerie

Dominique with the past three MGAs at retreat in Little Rock

In my other occupation during the Sound Of Music sing along at Moby Dick

Wayne Smith as Maria with myself (Lisel) and Jeff (Beverly Hills in boy drag) as Rolf

Rolf picking up Lisel for their first date..........

With Zima Gabore - Retiring Miss Gay Houston, Ashley Cole - MGTX 2003, Beverly Hills - Miss Gay Houston 2004, Alix Courtnie - 1st alternate MGH 2004

With Ashley Cole, Kofi and Claudia Foster

With Beverly before the contest

With Dominique and Maya backstage

With Erica Leigh Foster on her final night as Miss Gay Missouri

Tumara, 4th alternate, me, 3rd alternate and Dominique after crowning

Far left - Maya Montana and former Miss Gay Missouri Alexis Principal, Far right - me with former Miss Gay Missouri China Collins and contestants at MGM 2003

With Melinda - heading out to MC Onstage Question

With Dominique backstage - ready for our first numbers

With Miss Gay America 2003 Dominique Sanchez - A former's work is NEVER done!

With Melinda and Vicki Vincent - Final Night of Miss Gay Missouri

At the Final Night of Miss Gay Missouri opening
Lexus Chaney, Melinda, me, Candy James, Loretta Martin and Dieta Pepsi

With Tumara backstage at the review show

At the Miss Gay Missouri Review Show with
Krista Versace, Loretta Martin, Melinda Ryder, Vicki Vincent, me and Tumara Mahorning

With Sandy Kaye, Melinda and Lily White at Missy B's

With Melinda and Marvin at the Birthday Bash at Missy B's in Kansas City, MO

With Melinda Ryder at Melinda and Lily White's Birthday Bash

At Miss MetroPlex 2003 crowning
2nd Alt - Sabrina Starr, 1st Alt - Heather Skyy, me, Winner - Victoria West, Miss Gay Texas 2003 - Ashley Cole

Me, Heather, Victoria and Ashley

Special guest Catia Lee Love, me and Former Miss MetroPlex - Brittney O'Brian

Ashley, myself and all the contestants before the opening

With special guest, former Miss MetroPlex Cassie Nova

With Ashley Cole before the "Chicago" opening

Backstage at The Village Station with Maya Douglas and Catia Lee Love

Melinda Ryder, Jimmy, David at Missy B's in Kansas City

With China Collins in Kansas City

Backstage at Missy B's with Melinda Ryder

With Victoria Wells and the newly crowned Miss Kansas City 2003

With Sandi Kaye and Melinda

One more with Melinda - no, not a drink....

With Jimmy backstage at Missy B's

With Miss Gay America 2003 Dominique Sanchez and Jimmy at Discovery in Little Rock

With my friend Shannon the cocktail waitress and Dominique backstage - I do NOT see a drink....

With promoter of Miss Southern Elegance, Beverly Hills at the 651 in Arlington

Backstage at The Rose Room with Whitney Paige (left) and Maya Douglas (right)

Christmas Benefit at the Village Station with Onyx (left) and Patti (right)

Christmas at home with the star.

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