Life After Miss Gay America - 2002

Opening night of my new Wednesday show at Moby's with good friends Ginger Layne and Heather Skyy

With Kofi, Tara Dion, Laken Edwards, Claudia Foster, Valerie Lohr, Dyan Michaels and Lauren LaMasters at Miss Gay Texas in Review

With Laken, Kofi, Lauren, Claudia, Dyan, Valerie and Donna Day at Miss Gay Texas in Review

With Valerie Lohr at Miss Gay Texas

With Melinda Ryder in Kansas City

With Kirk "Ryder" in Kansas City

With Loreal, Lucy and Melinda in Kansas City

With Vicki Vox at Miss Gay D.C.

With Sabrina and Tiffany at Miss Gay D.C. America

The many faces of Charity case

In Little Rock with Kelly Cruise, Dominique Sanchez and Shannon

Crowning at Miss Yellow Rose of Texas

Crowning at Miss Yellow Rose of Texas

Backstage with Claudia Foster and Onyx

Backstage at Miss Yellow Rose of Texas

Melinda Ryder and myself panting for cocktails Darling

Celebrating the Fourth of July with Melinda Ryder and Catia

Jimmy and I having fun with our favorite bartender - David of Club Cabaret in Kansas City

Backstage waiting to dance :)

Backstage with the Miss America Sisters - Maya, Tiffany, Sabrina, Catia and me

Crowning moment at Miss Central States
from left - Tiffany Bonet, Christina Carruthers - Second Alternate, Tori Steele - First Alternate, Alina Milletti - Miss Central States 2002, myself, Victoria DePaula and Miss Gay America 2002 - Sabrina White

With Heather Skyy as she steps down as Miss Gay Round Up 2001

With Tara Dion

Crowning moment at Miss Gay Round Up
from left - Tara Dion, Aspen Tyler, Victoria Westin - Miss Gay Round Up, and Heather Skyy

Celebrating Razzle Dazzle Dallas with Jimmy, Ken and Mikey

Partying with Matt Miller and Aspen Tyler at Miss Gay Dallas

With Claudia Foster and Miss Gay Dallas - Ashley Cole

Backstage with Miss Gay Texas - Claudia Foster

Crowning moment at Miss Gay Dallas
from left - Aspen Tyler, Charity Case, Fallon Scott, Ashley Cole, Onyx, Claudia Foster and Josephine O'Hara

With Kiana Lee/Will at 651 in Arlington

With Miss Texas National - Janae Whitney St. James

With Eryka Lee at 651 in Arlington

Crowning moment at Miss Copper City - Phoenix, AZ

With Miss Gay America 2002, Sabrina White

My little birthday boy, Jimmy celebrating in Virginia

Backstage at Miss Virginia with my good friend Ashley Adams

Crowning moment with Truly Fabu - Miss Southern Elegance 2002/2003

With Lauren LaMasters in her final moments as Miss Southern Elegance at the Round Up Saloon

With Barbra Seville, Ginger Manchester and Victoria Westin just before the opening production

Just after crowning of Tiffany King - Miss Highland Park 2002

Hello! Is the bar still serving????

Maya, Valerie, Tiffany, me and Catia backstage


With Maya Montana backstage

Backstage at MGA Retreat in Little Rock, AR

Cleaning the bar before performing....they love me here!

Finally, a moment to ponder "what is that on the ceiling?"

"We lost Melinda!"

With the cast of The Cabaret in KC

The party girls getting ready to perform

Annual celebration with the brithday girls Melinda Ryder and Lily White in Kansas City, KS

Crowning Moment with Mystique - Miss Gay MetroPlex 2002

Getting ready to perform at Miss MetroPlex at the Round Up Saloon

With Lauren LaMasters and Miriam at Moby Dick

Backstage with Dado - Maya Douglas' MAN!

Backstage at The Village Station

At home on New Year's Eve

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